Fundraising Ideas for Brain Injury Patients

People with acquired brain injury may need prolonged treatment. They may need surgery and various diagnoses that may cost a lot of money. Also, organisations that support these patients are non-profit and they also need funds to get going. Here are some fundraising ideas that can help your friend or acquired brain injury support organisations.

Car wash

Car wash - Fundraising Ideas for Brain Injury Patients

You and your friends can wash the cars of your neighbours on the weekend. The money you get from this can be used to support the treatment of your friend suffering from acquired brain injury.

Bake sale

If you know how to bake, then arrange a bake sale. You can put up a stall and sell cakes, cupcakes, bread, pie, and other delicious items. People will come to your stall and try out your delicious homemade baking items.

Garage sale

Garage sale - Fundraising Ideas for Brain Injury Patients

This is an easy way to raise money for a good cause. We always have unwanted items at home which we no longer need or use. These can be clothes, shoes, electronics, toys, bags, or other things. You can have a garage sale and sell these things to raise money.

Fitness events

This can be a fun event and people of all ages can participate. You can organise a marathon or any type of race within the community to raise money for supporting acquired brain injury patients.

Lemonade stand

Lemonade stand - Fundraising Ideas for Brain Injury Patients

If the weather is hot, then this idea will surely work. You can have a lemonade stand on the side of a busy road or near a bus stand. People will feel thirsty on a hot day, and they will love to have lemonade.

Join various campaigns

If you cannot organise a fundraising event yourself, then you can be part of a bigger event organised by other people or organisations. For example, you can raise funds with the ‘Blue Jeans for Brain Injury’ campaign.

You can donate money and encourage others to do the same and wear blue jeans on that day. You can share information and experience of acquired brain injury with others to make them more aware of this health condition.

These events will help to raise a lot of money for acquired brain injury patients. The events will also create awareness about this health condition.